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I have come the the realization that I have *TOO* much costuming for the amount of time I'm actually at events that welcome my fat ass in costume...So...I'm getting rid of a bunch...CHEAP

I have 2 belly dancing outfits that I'm getting rid of, set includes Top, bottom, Veil.... I paid a total of 70 per outfit, I'd like to get at least 40 per outfit, but make me an offer of what you think is fair...they have been worn one time (for fires of venus last year) Coin belts NOT included...if I need to ship it to you, realize that will cost about 10 dollars more than quoted price.

One Black with Gold Trim- Halter style beaded top, Black "mermaid" style skirt, "One size fits up to..." My 200lb ass fit it it just fine... Top is ideally for someone NOT with a 40D cup chest, but is fully adjustable.

One Royal Purple- Gold Coin covered bra style top, fully adjustable. Harem style pants "one size fits up to" NOT for someone over a size 14. Inseam mended due to missed fabric during construction. This outfit would be best suited for someone of medium build in the size 8-12 range.

I can post pictures if needed, but after LJ decides to stop being a complete TOOL...

I will have more to post, I just need to go through the collection more and decide what stays and what goes..
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