Feb. 21st, 2011

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So...last night we get home from wicked... Scott and I get home, unloaded, and lay down to go to sleep...I feel the cat jump up on the bed at my feet (which he does every night), I look up and notice HE HAS A MOUSE IN HIS MOUTH...but the mouse is not dead...nope...its wiggling... He opens his mouth, drops it on the bed and taps it with his paw to get it to move...

At this point I jump up as I see the tiny little mouse tearing towards me, I see it dash under the blankets, followed by the cat, I move the blankets, yelling the whole time at scott, who is still laying in the bed...The mouse dashes UNDER scott's pillow, the cat follows...this gets scott up, the mouse tears out from under the pillow and squeezes between the headboard and the mattress and jumps off the bed...the cat tears off the bed, under it and starts yowling his ass off that his catch has gotten away..

At this point I'm laughing so hard I'm about to pee myself...The cat continues looking for this poor terrified critter who has managed to get away...but to no avail....about 45 minutes later the cat finally settles down and lays down at my feet and goes to sleep...

one theory is that the cat was sharing his snack...

Another is this is payback for leaving him with the kids for the weekend...

another is that I shouldn't have gotten the cats Kittycrack toys at wicked...

You be the judge..


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