May. 5th, 2011

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I do, but not in a "wear red white and blue" kinda way.

I am proud of this country, its culture, and what it stands for. I am proud of its history, its heritage and its resources. I am proud of the words that the founding father's put to paper, what it meant, and what it means today. i am proud to call myself an American, the great great grandchild of immigrants, first in my family to get an advanced degree.

I am not proud of the actions sometimes carried out in the name of this country. I am not proud of entity that our legislature has de-volved into. I am not proud of ethnocentrism and egotism that runs rampant in this country and this culture masked as patriotism.

I have read the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, The Gettysburg Address and the Federalist Papers. I know the meaning and the implications the words on those papers carry. I am a registered voter and I take that civic duty very seriously. I do my homework, I listen to the debates and I educate myself on the issues. I THINK before I pull the lever, I don't vote with my party, I vote with the information I learn when I look into the candidates.

So the short answer is yes...the long answer is...are you, really?


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