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Sat on my big fat ass
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for the first time since we purchased the beast in the fall of 2006 it has needed NOTHING for its state inspection!!!!

May the gods be praised!!!!

(I guess the 2500 I put in it last year, and the 1100 I've put into it this year so far are starting to finally show up as the vehicle being ok)
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So...last night we get home from wicked... Scott and I get home, unloaded, and lay down to go to sleep...I feel the cat jump up on the bed at my feet (which he does every night), I look up and notice HE HAS A MOUSE IN HIS MOUTH...but the mouse is not dead...nope...its wiggling... He opens his mouth, drops it on the bed and taps it with his paw to get it to move...

At this point I jump up as I see the tiny little mouse tearing towards me, I see it dash under the blankets, followed by the cat, I move the blankets, yelling the whole time at scott, who is still laying in the bed...The mouse dashes UNDER scott's pillow, the cat follows...this gets scott up, the mouse tears out from under the pillow and squeezes between the headboard and the mattress and jumps off the bed...the cat tears off the bed, under it and starts yowling his ass off that his catch has gotten away..

At this point I'm laughing so hard I'm about to pee myself...The cat continues looking for this poor terrified critter who has managed to get away...but to no avail....about 45 minutes later the cat finally settles down and lays down at my feet and goes to sleep...

one theory is that the cat was sharing his snack...

Another is this is payback for leaving him with the kids for the weekend...

another is that I shouldn't have gotten the cats Kittycrack toys at wicked...

You be the judge..
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Ok I NEVER EVER do this...but this book totally rocked my fucking world.

Horrible Prettiness: Burlesque and American Culture by Robert Clyde Allen

If you are even REMOTELY interested in theatre, Burlesque, Early Feminism, or Victorian History you really should check this book out...

I've NEVER been so stoked to write a book review before...
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Please leave a ONE WORD comment that you think best describes me. You can be anonymous, if you like. It can only be one word. No more than one word. If you like, copy & paste this post to your own journal so I can leave a word about you.
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My new icon is complements of madamruppy...cause she fucking rocks...

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Dear tooth,

Could you please STFU for a few hours so I can sleep? Pretty pretty please??? I took aleve, put clove oil and orajel on you and still you persist... All I want is a few more hours of sleep until the dentist office opens at 8...I already called off today to get you fixed, now please leave me be for a while..

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my best trait- tenacity towards my goals

my worst trait- I can be egotistical

I think my friends would agree, or not, kinda depends on how well they know me
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A bottle of really good champagne to celebrate (says the husband)

Two BRAND NEW Vehicles to go house hunting in (says me)
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I would GLADLY give away my sinus's and asthma...I could do without those issues...
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may St. Brigid bless
you and and make you
generous in your giving,
pleasant in your greeting,
honest in your speaking,
loyal in your loving,
clear in your thinking,
strong in your working,
and joyful in your living
And when it's time
for your homecoming,
may there be peace in
your passing and a warm
welcome in heaven.

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I have applied to graduate. Suddenly I'm filled with the sense of "wow I really DID do this, and ROCKED it!!!"
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You Are Curious

You love learning for its own sake, and you're attracted to subjects that are deep and dynamic.

You are intellectual and studious. You tend to get lost in whatever you're studying or doing.

It's likely that you've always been academically talented. Graduate studies would be no problem for you.

You have many solitary interests that your friends don't share. You are on your own fascinating path.

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Call and get a large item P/U for the loveseat, then move that loveseat out on the appropriate day

Put small dresser on freecycle (or find it a home with a friend who needs it *hint hint* anyone..bueller)

get a bag of donatables together, drop them off

Take wash to dawn's

Clean out the book case by my side of the bed, move to its new location

Clean out the nightstand in the office, move to its new location

finish filling the space bags I started, suck air out

clean my room

change the cat boxes

shark the kitchen and bathroom
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You Are Sympathetic Joy

You are a simply happy person. You choose to be content, and you take pleasure from the smallest things.

You especially find joy in the happiness of others. You believe that happiness is contagious.

You are not an envious or jealous person. In fact, you believe those emotions are toxic.

You find a lot of joy in life's simple pleasures. Something as small as a sunny day can lift your spirits.

the 4 divine states or emotions are 1) loving-kindness or benevolence, 2) compassion, 3) sympathetic joy, and, 4) equanimity. They are qualities that are strove for in Buddhist meditation practices. For more information look at this wiki
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1- Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
2- Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman
3- Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
4- Three cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson
5- Spirit Catches you and you fall down by Anne Fadaman
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You Are Flexible

You crave self-sufficiency and independence. You're ready to break out on your own.

You are working on following your gut. Your intuition is usually right, and you know you should listen to it more.

Your past has prepared you for what you're going through right now. You have a lot of resources to fall back on.

The key to improving your life right now is to stop ignoring the relationship process. Intimacy can't be rushed.

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My kids and my poly family on a cruise somewhere warm, like the carribean or the mediteranean. Full of massages, spa treatments, shows, relaxation and good food with NO prep or clean up :)
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Povitica is my all time favorite holday food...followed VERY closely by my grandmother's cookies

Least favorite is green bean casserole that stuff should just be outlawed...seriously...
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I want to wish all my chosen family, friends, and everyone else who follows this blog the most wonderful of holiday season. I don't care what you call it, what you do to observe it or who's name and story are attached to the holiday, I wish you all the blessings, joys, health and happiness.


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