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Wow now I've had a HUGE cup of supercharged sparky and clarks coffee (a rocky I believe it was called) full of chocolate and hazelnut espresso goodness. I'm soooooo hyper. The muffin I had (almond and poppyseed) was FABULOUS. I've decided that I will be going to the poetry nights they have on the 2nd and 4th saturdays from now on. My artistic side is getting antsy and needs to be let out to play :) This weekend I get to paint my white pumpkin, I'll post pics when its done.   I'm sitting here in my tiny little switchboard room giving jody her lunch break and contemplating life, love, happiness and hyperness.  I have good music on and I stopped at the library, returned the movie and two books I was done with and got out the ENTIRE first season of the L WORD and Supersize me for tonight's 5 1/2 hours of fun.  Maybe I should start considering taking out cds from the library and doing music nights while on the switchboard instead of movies.  I couldn't find any good foreign films to check out, I saw one that was somewhat interesting looking but I've never heard anything about it so I held off. 

I'm meeting with Angie and Nicky on saturday night to discuss their lesson material, their upcoming workshops and their upcoming initiations.  I'm excited to start up again and I think we are going to do a group meditation to start things out on saturday night.  I want to start working with both of them on deeper meditations and maybe some journeying.  I think they are both ready for it. 

Nicky is going out with all of her katoda (don't ask) friends today to see the corpse bride and hang out at the mall.  I'm excited for her, she has REALLY blossomed and made ALOT of friends.  She's trying to find a job but isn't having much success.

I need to soak my purse in oxyclean tonight, fucking salem.  I didn't realize it til after I left the house that he sprayed my purse at some point NO DAMMIT ITS MINE MARK YOUR TERRITORY ELSEWHERE!  Patrick sent me two great pins which I proudly put on my bag o' buttons.  One says "Question authority NOT YOUR MOTHER" and the other says "DRAMA" with the red "NO" symbol around it (the red circle and slash).  So perfect for the recent events.  I'd like scott to ad to my pin collection and get me a pin or two for on it that he likes.  I have a bi pride, "I love my vagina" and assorted Ani and Bitch and Animal buttons I got at the show I saw of them :)  I feel I need a pentacle button or something pagan-y for on it :)  Maybe a purple goddess OOOOOOOOOO FIMO CLAY *ideas*

Welp I'm off for now, gonna go kill brain cells by playing pop it.



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