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I do, but not in a "wear red white and blue" kinda way.

I am proud of this country, its culture, and what it stands for. I am proud of its history, its heritage and its resources. I am proud of the words that the founding father's put to paper, what it meant, and what it means today. i am proud to call myself an American, the great great grandchild of immigrants, first in my family to get an advanced degree.

I am not proud of the actions sometimes carried out in the name of this country. I am not proud of entity that our legislature has de-volved into. I am not proud of ethnocentrism and egotism that runs rampant in this country and this culture masked as patriotism.

I have read the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, The Gettysburg Address and the Federalist Papers. I know the meaning and the implications the words on those papers carry. I am a registered voter and I take that civic duty very seriously. I do my homework, I listen to the debates and I educate myself on the issues. I THINK before I pull the lever, I don't vote with my party, I vote with the information I learn when I look into the candidates.

So the short answer is yes...the long answer is...are you, really?
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I would take scott to the british isles. Scotland/England/Ireland/etc
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remind him to call his kid...who he seems to forget that exists...and tell him to leave or be arrested
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I think that it is the educational system's job to teach our children about health, biology, and science. Sex falls very much into those categories.

I also think it is the PARENT'S responsibility to teach their children about the other aspects of sex, the responsibilities that go with being sexually active, the emotional side of sex, and how sex falls into their chosen faith.

Sex is not a topic that can be explained by pure science, pure emotion, or pure spiritual terms. If we do not arm our children with ALL of these facts about their bodies and what they can AND WILL do with them, we are doing them a disservice and shirking our responsibilities.
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Because its the song the most reminds me of my husband...and he sings it to me every time he hears it
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Sat on my big fat ass
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my best trait- tenacity towards my goals

my worst trait- I can be egotistical

I think my friends would agree, or not, kinda depends on how well they know me
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A bottle of really good champagne to celebrate (says the husband)

Two BRAND NEW Vehicles to go house hunting in (says me)
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I would GLADLY give away my sinus's and asthma...I could do without those issues...
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My kids and my poly family on a cruise somewhere warm, like the carribean or the mediteranean. Full of massages, spa treatments, shows, relaxation and good food with NO prep or clean up :)
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Povitica is my all time favorite holday food...followed VERY closely by my grandmother's cookies

Least favorite is green bean casserole that stuff should just be outlawed...seriously...
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It just isn't a holiday til the Charlie Brown special is on.

Macy's day parade

Christmas Story (my FAVORITE movie!!!)

Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer (bonus for the island of misfit toys)

Frosty the snowman

They are all a piece of my childhood and what we did as a family around the holidays.
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Maybe I'm amazed by Jem (my wolf's ringtone on my phone)

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It would have to be a classic cherry red convertible, with [ profile] madamruppy , [ profile] velvet_c , [ profile] divalion and my best friend Bond.

And we would go on an adventure of a lifetime, no set schedule, just us driving across Rt 66 and stopping at  road side attractions and oddities as long as we could. Of course, NOT ending in suicide by driving over a cliff like thelma and louise...cause that would be tragic...
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Most- Miso Soup, Homemade Baked Macaroni and Cheese, Homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Least- Liver, Salmon, Clams
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Yes....I'll take some of each, thank you
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roomy, large kitchen with lots of cabinets, counter tops, double sized fridge, dishwasher and washroom to the side (with front loader triple size HE w/d)

large windows overlooking the outdoors, comfy furnishings, fireplace, hard wood floors with beautiful area rugs, lots of warm cozy colors and personal accents.

at least 2 bathrooms, master bath with an oversized jacuzzi tub and shower stall, double sink and lots of space and cabinets

3-4 spacious bedrooms, preferably set up as "wings" with the master bedroom and guest room on one side and the kids' rooms on the other side. (and sound proofing in the master bedroom)

finished basement with playspace and mancave for the wolf. basement should have outdoor entrance with ramp, not stairs (sound proofing here too)

Library/office off of the livingroom with floor the ceiling bookshelves, comfy chairs and two antique desks for the computers.

All one level (except basement) so that wolf doesn't have issues with steps, built on at least 5 acres that's mostly wooded. Garage for the vehicles

Geothermal heating, super eco friendly building materials, solar power, and water saver shower heads, toilets and tankless water heater.

Yard would have compost area, a garden, a huge bbq area and deck, fire ring and rain water barrels.

(oh and in my own little fantasy world it would be self cleaning and self maintaining too...but we can't have everything now can we)
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because when i set my mind to something I do my damndest to get it done...and I seldomly get defeated, I may not get there right away, or exactly HOW I planned but I don't give up easily...
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My aesthetic style is modern with a middle eastern flair...

My bedroom would be in WARM morroccan colors, complete with inlaid side tables and a room divider, small red and purple lanterns and middle eastern artwork on the walls, hard wood floor with area rugs

My kitchen would be dark wood cabinetry, sterling silver appliances, black granite countertops and warm colored walls. Dining table would be big, dark wood with black cushioned seats, tiled floor

Bathroom would be large, airy with dark wood cabinetry, stainless accents and black granite countertops (see a theme here), tiled walls in warm autumnal colors, tiled floor

Living room...Big comfy couch, tiled side and coffee table, pretty modern lamps. Hard wood floor with area rugs

Caillie's room...Dark Purple walls, thick comfy purple carpet, big comfy chairs, bunk beds, tv,

Office...Wall to wall black bookshelves, black Armoire desk, big comfy chairs, hard wood floors
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Yes but not because it would violate some rule or law, but because they were bad for me. Toxic relationships seem to be a theme with me as I've done it several times...Yes, and no I try to live with no regrets...people are in our lives for a reason...and i'm trying to learn from this and not hand my heart out to people who aren't healthy for me....


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