Mar. 26th, 2005

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I just got out of the shower and MAN do I still have the knack for making Scott hard heheheheh...He surprised me by coming in with me and then I gave him a wet soapy hot standing lapdance :) hehehehheheh... ....Goddess I love turning him on :)

Man that was fun :)
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Well I've only been awake for about an hour but so far today is ok. I'm sitting here waiting for either Carl or Molly to get on so we can chat. I have to make 2 trips to the storage unit today, get laundry done and go to walmart for Megan, she wants me to dye her hair :)...I'm waiting for Ed from CLG to email me back with info on beltane. I'm really looking forward to talking to Molly about spending that weekend together cause I think it would be REALLY fun...

Scott just realized that he has a rough draft of a 7 page paper due when we get back from break...I need to do some reading and some watching of CSPAN but that's it. I'm glad we did our speech before break, one less thing to stress over.

Welp I think I'm gonna go get my ass in gear and get this shit done
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Well I feel like I accomplished alot today. I took another carload of stuff to the storage unit, paid the gas bill, paid the cell phone bill, got groceries and got megan to sally's to get hair dye. Now Salem wants attention. LOL he's a pain in my butt.

I called Molly today and asked her if they would like to come up for Beltane. She said she'll talk to Carl and let me know :) I really hope they can, It would really make my Beltane to spend it with them. I think Scott would really like it too. I contacted Ed with CLG to find out what night the ritual is and get all the details :)

Well I"m gonna go color Megan's hair for fun :)
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