Apr. 7th, 2005

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Well I started my spring chore list for my magickal household.  I ordered a TON of cool hard to find herb seeds from ebay :) I ordered mandrake, belladonna, white sage, black broomcorn, hensbane, hemlock, sweetgrass, an aromatherapy lot, and a culinary lot.  So we are gonna have a SWEET smelling yard this year :)  I think next week will start a week of magickal cleansing and spellworking to get the good energy flowing again :)  Time to get the cobwebs out of the corners and the dormant energy out of the cracks and crevices.  I'll be burning LOTS of sage and dragons blood (not a the same time)


Things with Jenn are going absolutely FANTASTIC and she will be coming to visit in two weeks :) We are all very excited about that :)  Looks like Scott and I are going to drive out to get her and then send her home on the greyhound.  That way we dont' kill our car or go broke :)  we are gonna go to classes that mornign and then head out right away so I'll have to take that friday off workstudy and the dining hall :)  WOOOHOOOO I just called in and got off work for that night...Caillie is insisting on cleanign the walls in the hallway with the mr clean cleaning thingy we got at sams...she loves it :) I'm not gonna say no for peats sake :)  Today was gorgeous outside but scott's not feeling all that great.  I hope he feels better soon cause he can't afford to miss any more school :) 


Welp I'm gonna go for now, maybe I'll post more later

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You Are Best Described By...

(Stamped) Lips

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You Are 29 Years Old


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