Jul. 1st, 2005

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sitting her listening to the indigo girls, the kids running around, scott's helping tasha, thinking about Oconnor stepping down and how screwed we are now (thank the goddess I can't get pregnant anymore...cause I fear our right to choose is dangerously close to being taken away) Salem is giving willow a bath on scott's dresser (too cute) Still tired, could use some serious coffee but I don't know how to use the coffee press so therefor I don't get any...I'll have to wait for scott to get home to have some...

One of my favorite songs by the indigo girls just came on...wow it really does say alot about me lol...I have a ton of housework that needs done, do I feel like doing it...FUCK NO...I still need to go through all the camping gear and get it all situated so that we'll be ready for our trip with Patrick and Lorelei in a few weeks...Nicky leaves for my mom's on monday until we leave for that trip, she'll have a good time I think, she usually does and its good for my mom and grandmother to get out and do stuff.

Scott and I checked out a shitload of movies yesterday from the library, gonna watch movies all weekend. We are supposed to have a date at some point before Nicky leaves, not sure what we are gonna do yet...

Carl just messaged me and told me he's going to the rainbow gathering and will OHM for me on the 4th...lol he's such a character...

I've been talking to Dr Hotness alot lately about doing pictures for me, I feel the need to express myself again, I have the layout in my mind...now will be the fun part of trying to get it out of my head and into actuality.

Allison is supposed to be visiting at some point this weekend, as is Megan's dad (but he's not supposed to come up, thank the goddess) I'd love to go hang out with Allison for an evening but I'm not sure what she has planned for the weekend. I don't get to see her enough since she graduated a year ago.

I still can't get ahold of Sister Matt and I'm beginning to wonder if he went on the cruise they were talking about taking when I quit last fall...Would make sense, I've never known him to just vanish like this, I can usually get ahold of him somewhere even if it takes me a while.

Well I think thats all I've got for right now, maybe more later


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