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2006-12-31 01:37 pm
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Happy New Year :)

Hello all from Des Moines.

We are having a blast and relaxing alot. The room we got was absolutely GORGEOUS *I'll be posting pics of the apartment when we get home* It was worth a HELLUVA lot more than 40 bucks a night.

This week with my dad, step mom and brother have been wonderful. We got here around 4ish on christmas, relaxed a bit and unloaded and then greeted Dad and Sandy when they got home from Davenport. The trip out was relatively quiet and uneventful but the one thing that sticks out was the sign that said "Adult Relaxation this exit", I would like to know what the hell that is lol. So all week we've been joking about adult relaxation.

The 26th we got up early and hit walmart for post-christmas sales and I picked up a tinkerbell light up snowglobe ornament. TRES TRES Cute :) We took the kids to the mall and had a maid rite sandwich. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

The 27th We had our holiday celebration with ham, mashed tatos, very yummy cheesy green beans and topped it all off with my Brother proposing to his gf amanda *I'll be posting pictures later of the event, I cried* I got TONS of cool Tink Stuff and the kids made out like bandits. My dad got scott a katana *I don't think I spelled that right* and we got him a confederate officers sword.

The 28th Sandy had surgery to check to see if she had cancer and I sat with dad while she was out with that. We had breakfast together and talked alot. When we got home we had to all but restrain Sandy to the bed to keep her from doing things she wasnt' supposed to be doing and we all helped out around the house so she wouldn't be up doing cleaning and stuff

Friday was filled with a mall trip, grocery shopping and resting. Dad's car had to go into the shop for winterizing and we took everyone where they needed to go in the Jeep. The Jeep has handled the trip swimingly and I'm really impressed with its gas milage and handling

We took Sandy to her mom's in Davenport yesterday morning because she is very ill and may need to go into a nursing home. Sandy's sister is a bit on the New Age-y side for me and reminds me of someone floating on a non stop cloud of fluff. My thoughts and prayers are with Sandy though because this week has been hard on her. She wants what's best for her mom but is in a difficult position in this process.

Dad took Taytton to get a haircut at the barber yesterday and he looks SOOO nice. Nicky also attempted to remove all the black hair color and now has rainbow bright hair til we get home and I can bleach it again. She's attempting to return to her natural color and its not going as planned.

We've played a TON of magic the gathering and I'm getting quite good. Dad and Aaron have helped me hone my decks into something to fear and I'm learning the subtle nuances of the game and how to play cards together.

Welp tonight we are going to toast in the new year together and pack and then tomorrow we head home to PA. We'll be home sometime in the afternoon of the 2nd and the kids to back to school the next day. We'll post when we get home so everyone knows we are safe. Til then, happy new year and we'll be home soon. Namaste