Mar. 3rd, 2005

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Sitting here eatting breakfast and willow keeps standing on the answering machine and making it tell her there are no messages....she must be waiting on a call...silly kitty....oooooooooooooo the new barbie fairy barbies are REALLY inner child giggles...I feel a headache brewing in the back of my head...yippie its gonna be a fanfuckingtastic day I think...Today is thursday already and I've gotten NOTHING done...ok so today I'm taking caillie to school, coming home and laying down til noon, then getting up and doing the MOUNTAIN of laundry that I have to do, then going over to the college to finish off my paperwork for my new job...then cook supper and pick up the house a bit...YIPPPIE YAHOOOO another day of vacation that isn't a vacation...I may not have gotten stuff I wanted to get done this week but I really haven't been resting either...I'm hoping Chris will have a night off this weekend and can come over to play a bit...Although I had AWESOME sex last night I'm really in the mood for a 3 way :)....Welp time to take babybird to school...



Mar. 3rd, 2005 12:46 pm
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Just got done doing my own mani/pedi and I'm about to go fiddle with my hair...gonna color the front of it black :)...Scott is mad at the kids because they refuse to do their chores...such a glamorous life...heheheh...Yanno its bad when you have to ground your child from borrowing your either means I have kick ass clothes or my kid is just strange...the jury is still out on that one....I went with DARK blood red nailpolish this time :) something a little different...I've been doing black alot lately...Damn car wouldn't start this morning so Caillie missed school...if its not one thing I swear its another...Megan is out with the married asshole tonight...I can't believe she actually went out with him...I keep expecting a phone call that he dumped her off in a parking lot somewhere...she scares me with her decision making...oh well its her life...who am I to care...

Scott and I had AWESOME sex last night...we ended up getting so loud that Megan could hear the SMACK SMACK SMACK upstairs..heheheh...Yes I know I'm a freak...I'm wondering if I have marks on my ass today hehehheheh...

Welp I'm off to watch CSI


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