Oct. 6th, 2005

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Well I managed to further fuck up my sleep patterns, I took a 2 hour nap when I got home from school AND then I had coffee...DUUUUH *slaps forehead* and now I'm awake. So awake in fact that taking a really hot bubble bath didn't even begin to make me ready for bed. So here I am, awake at 1:12 in the morning and I have to be up and ready to face the day no later than 7:30. OY. Why do I do this shit?

I got to talk to Patrick for a bit tonight which was great cause since school started our time chatting has been cut to almost nothing. I get to see him in a week which is great but I have to survive the next week to get there. Silly professors thinking they have to assign stuff for before the break.

I went and had my resume critiqued by Career Services today, WOW was I off base. Seems I need to totally scrap it and start over, apparently resume's are MUCH different in social sciences than they are for just a normal run of the mill job. It was good though cause I'd rather get this now from a Career councelor than keep wondering why noone will hire me later.

Scott's back is bad again and he's off school until monday. I hope he rests it enough to be able to function properly next weekend for Nan's wedding and all the festivities theirin contained. I worry about him cause that is such a bad part of the body to be having problems with.

We managed to get the rest of the surveys pumped into SPSS tonight for Dr Polk. The last set of them were particularly painful because apparently the people that are in my class are morons who can't take basic directions and run with them. Silly college students LISTEN. The surveys were horribly written to begin with and then to have additional scribbling all over them done completely wrong just makes a fucked up thing even worse. I've gotten the section Dr B asked for on Paganism and Food all but done I just need to polish it before I email it to her. I also need to get with Dr L and conduct the interview that Dr B asked me to do with him so she can get that all situated in her book. So much to do and so little time to do it in.

Well I think I had better go lay down and make my brain shut up long enough to try and get a few hours of sleep before I have to be around people all day. I have to work on the switchboard tomorrow night so I should probably think about taking the rest of the L word with me to finish watching them before they are due.
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